Lakeshore Restaurant Week

Lakeshore Restaurant Week

February 21st – February 29th, 2020.

We welcome you to Lakeshore Restaurant Week, which actually isn’t a week at all! It runs over 10 days at area restaurants in Muskegon as well as in Fremont and Montague. We have 21 restaurants that have agreed to participate and we are extremely excited about that.

So what is the Lakeshore Restaurant Week?

It’s an opportunity for you to gather your friends and family and treat yourself to a fine lunch or supper at the various eateries in the area. Winter is hopefully winding up, and it’s time everyone to venture out into the cold and have fun!  And what better way to have fun than to eat!

So take a look at the information that we have compiled about the various restaurants that are participating.  Then, gather the gang and splurge! You deserve it. We all do.

Bon Appetit!

The Lakeshore Restaurant Week participants may offer both lunch and dinner specials. Because every restaurant is different, their “specials” will reflect their restaurants. Specials will be promoted in radio advertising, on the Lakeshore Restaurant website and Facebook page!

Restaurants may offer a number of pricing specials for food and drink to encourage consumers to try their restaurant.

Check out the full list of participating restaurants on our website!

  1. Seasons Gastropub
  2. IHOP
  3. Delta Hotels – The Mill
  4. Russ’ Restaurant
  5. Teddy Spaghettis
  6. Olive Garden
  7. The Coffee Factory
  8. Tootsies Diner
  9. Hamburger Mikey
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings
  11. Rad Dads’ Taco and Tequila Bar
  12. Hearthstone Bistro
  13. Smash Wine Bar
  14. Dr. Rolf’s BBQ
  15. Lakes 23 in Fremont
  16. North Grove Brewers in Montague
  17. The Factory
  18. Old Homestead Tavern
  19. Mr. B’s Pancake House
  20. The Brunch House
  21. El Burrito Loco